Stone Brewery’s Got Some Major Stones

I know, I’ve been missing in action of late, and for that I’m sorry.  Between the holidays, my day job, traveling, and yeh drinking, I’ve been slacking.   I have about 10 posts written, well in my head at least.  Since most of you don’t yet have access to those files, I thought I’d write one up for you..

beerSo, I love Wine and Wine is Good.  So does that mean I can’t dable in other liquid refreshments every now and then??  My love for scotch has been well documented and I know I’ve written about beer before.  But when beer is good, beer rocks!  Now I’m not talking about that crap you pick up cheap – you know, the yellow stuff that your friend shows up with to your place (you need new friends by the way).  I’m talking, big, bold, complex beer.  The kind you can’t see through.  The kind that brings you to a complex place layered with flavors.

One of these amazing breweries is Stone Brewing Company.  They are down in the San Diego area and make some big time kick ass beers.  In fact, the first time I tried it I went based on bartender referral and name – Stone Arrogant Bastard.  This beer is awesome, but its clearly not for everyone.  It’s an aggressive ale that’s dark, rich, and has a great bite to it.  YUM.

But then the other day I was out with the wife lady, testing out a new burger and beer joint when I stumbled across Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale.

Now this, I fell instantly in love with.  This complex beer comes out of the bottle black, with a huge frothy head on it.  Its hoppy and rich, yet has some tropical fruit notes (in a good way!).  I think I found my new go to beer when out doing the tavern thing. 

One of the things I love about this Brewery, is their extreme attitude that I feel is totally deserved.  They don’t claim to be the best or the biggest or even the smartest.  They just claim to make a kick ass beer, for those people that want something to kick their ass on the flavor front.  

I must say that if your a ‘big red’ wine drinker and think beer is just a one note BBQ beverage, give Stone a try and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

What to drink with a burrito?

So what goes best with frozen burritos?  I mean, they are homemade, by the wife, and now they are frozen.   You see, she knows I love them and when we do “taco night” she makes a ton of extra burritos, freeze them for me, then enjoys the fact that I have something to eat, that’s homemade by her, for when she’s out and about.  I must say, beer sounds best for this evening.  Something complex, deep, dark, that can stand up to the ton of flavor that my wife puts in them.

So, back to this beverage challenge.  The decision is done, I’m opting for 1554.   It’s an easy to drink, dark, semi rich beer.  They call it an “Enlightened Black Ale”.  I like a dark beer, and while this one is dark, its also easy on the palate and goes down smooooooooth.  I initially ran across this one at my local liquor store.  From there, a few days later I was with a friend at one of the new local Tavern’s that are popping up all over the place and the bartender recommended it to me, again.  I thought it was fate, tried it, and whamo, liked it.

You like?  You selecting something different?  Do tell.. but do it quick, I’m drinking beer here!