My name is Doug and I’ve been a big time food, wine, and booze fan for a long time.  I think the world of food and wine is all about individual style and preferences, and being social and sharing these personal choices with friends.  I love trying new wines, going back to old favorites, and trying (sometimes successfully) to pair food and wine together.   I’m from NY and  per my wife I have a certain level of sarcasm that apparently goes along with that (not really sure what she means though).

Booze  is also a huge passion area for me, specifically Single Malt Scotch and Vodka.  I’m pretty seasonal with my selections, no Scotch for me on a hot summer night for example.

I’m a pretty good cook and have been for much of the past 10 years.  My wife takes credit for “making me a chef” and since then I’ve taken over most of our entertaining cooking.  I can make pretty much anything at this point (especially from a recipe).

Our friends and family often ask me for tips and recommendations on food/recipies, restaurants all across the US, and wine choices.  I’m clearly a junkie in these areas and love learning all I can about it all.  I read so many magazines (online and off) and know that there is just so much more to learn.

I’m currently researching taking “formal” classes to further my love of wine. 

So finally after many years of doing this word of mouth, I decided to write about it and in now in September 2010 the WinesGood site was born.

About My Professional Background
I have a MBA degree in marketing and operations management and have been working in the consulting space for most of my career.  I started out as a management consultant offering process improvement and innovation services to large global clients, migrated into technology consulting and large scale system implementations, and now work in the marketing research field.

For the last 11 years, I have been in business with my wine Romy, and together we own and run Schorr Creative Solutions, Inc. a full service qualitative marketing research and consulting firm.  During the last 11+ years, I have moderated hundreds of focus groups in the areas of entertainment, wine/spirits, technology, consumer products, gaming, toys, cultural trends, just to name a few.   Email me at Doug@SchorrSolutions.com for more information about these services.

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